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Cannot fault this company. I have been mucked around by two other Web Design companies. This Company was very understanding kept me informed of every little detail uploaded and changed my existing website very quickly. Great customer Service, amazing value for money. 10/10

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Let Stripes Web Design give you the tools or platforms that allow anyone/everyone to share information or engage in conversation.

In social media, everyone has a voice.  If your customers are not talking about your brand, you don’t exist.  Whether you choose to listen to the conversations about you and your company is up to you, but realize that people are indeed talking about you. Seize the opportunity.

Why use Social Media?

• The cost to enter and participate in the social space is minimal. Compared to other forms of marketing, such as print, broadcast and even online advertising, the cost to market your business and your brand in social media is relatively low.  The greatest cost will be time spent and human resources, but your investment will go a long way (see other reasons below) – talk about cost effective marketing!

• You can boost corporate and executive thought leadership. Focus on sharing industry expertise, insight and knowledge so that people view you and your company as a resource first and foremost.  This develops a company’s trustworthiness.

• Opportunities for providing customer service and feedback abound. Maintaining and improving client relations, and courting and conversing with potential customers create many opportunities to improve your company’s customer service reputation, and also allows for increased engagement with your stakeholders.

• You can dramatically increase traffic to your company website. Your presence on search engines will increase.  For example, a Google search for “base campers” results in page-one ranking for our YouTube channel and Facebook account.  This presence is an inevitable way of increasing traffic to your website.

• You can better manage and monitor your brand. In social media, everyone has a voice.  If your customers are not talking about your brand, you don’t exist.  Whether you choose to listen to the conversations about you and your company is up to you, but realize that people are indeed talking about you.   Seize the opportunity.  Positive comments should be rewarded with gratitude.  Negative comments will happen on occasion and should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.  You will be surprised how often a perceived negative comment was a simple misunderstanding, how enthusiastic folks in the social space become when they learn that companies are listening to them, and how eager they are to rectify adverse situations.  If you don’t monitor what is being said about your brand on social media networks, you will miss these opportunities.

• Social media is a great place for (free!) competitive research. It is critical in business to know your competitive landscape. Social media allows you to easily monitor what your competitors are doing and what other people are saying about them.  Did they recently redesign their website?  Did they launch a new product?  What do others think?

• You can generate leads and better develop your business. If your current and potential customers are online, you need to be there, too. Social media participation requires equal investments of time, strategy and patience, and generating leads through your social media efforts can be the ultimate payoff.  But remember to be true to the spirit of social media and act honestly and transparently.  Don’t use social networks as one-way marketing and advertising channels. Instead, talk to people and engage them and leads will begin to trickle into your sales funnel.

Let us help get you talked about

Email Newsletters are a powerful marketing tool. Delivered directly to your target audiences' Inbox, Email Newsletters ensure your message gets to those who matter. Stripes web design are able to design, plan and administer all aspects of your Email Newsletter marketing campaign

Blogging is simply the process of regularly publishing articles on your website in a format similar to a journal or diary. Keeping a blog gives your website a more human face and provides an outlet to keep visitors informed of the latest developments, making it a valuable marketing tool. More importantly, when regularly updated a blog provides a reason for visitors to return to your website.

Viral Marketing utilises Email Newsletters, Flash Games and other tools to deliver a marketing campaign that is perpetuated by your target audience. The Internet Marketing Nottingham team create sophisticated Viral Marketing campaigns with memorable content that your audience will talk about and pass on to others.

Web Stats are a suite of tools that can be used to monitor and record user trends on your website. Stripes web design will analyse and report on these trends and advise on the appropriate course of action.

Very professional service. It took only a few days from day of first contact until completion. Quality service at unbelievably low prices. I still cant believe that by the end of a week I had a fantastic website for a fraction of the cost I had been quoted by other designers. Would highly recommend their services

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